Worksite Medical Adds COVID-19 Screening to its Mobile Health Services

April 28, 2020 | 0
worksite medical mobile occupational health clinic
Photo courtesy of Worksite Medical

Last year, no one could have anticipated the current state of the world today. As with previous pandemics, COVID-19 has been quite unpredictable. While pandemics are often included in business continuity or insurance planning, it’s difficult to know the who, what, when and where of the possible disruption it can bring.

Nonetheless, even with all the uncertainty in the world today, individuals and companies are stepping up to find unique ways to modify their services so that they can continue to meet the needs of their customers and continue to provide employment.

That’s what La Boit client Worksite Medical has done with mobile coronavirus symptom screening.

Worksite Medical has been providing mobile health and medical surveillance to workplaces for 30 years, with a specific focus on worker safety and OSHA compliance. They operate two brick and mortar clinics, one in Pennsylvania and one in Maryland, as well as several mobile clinics that can travel to most states east of the Mississippi.

As part of their services, they offer a variety of physical examinations and testing to help companies clear employees for work and meet OSHA requirements, including screenings for respiratory, general wellness, alcohol and drug, toxic substances, and audiology.

mobile occupational health clinic interior
View from front to back: Exam room and hearing booths

In 2017, Worksite Medical hired La Boit to build a 35ft Mobile Occupational Health Clinic with hearing testing capabilities. The clinic features four private hearing testing booths that are fully soundproof, separate exam suite, blood draw chair, and bathroom (see our blog Mobile Clinics Ideal for Audiology/Audiometry). Since they took delivery of their vehicle, the truck has traveled all over the eastern United States providing not only hearing testing, but also general wellness and a variety of other screenings.

In the past month, the truck has taken on additional duties. Worksite Medical has trained its healthcare staff as well as equipped its vehicles to provide mobile coronavirus symptom screening to its clients’ workplaces.

Many of the workplaces served by Worksite Medical are considered essential services, such as manufacturing and construction. These businesses are already highly regulated for workplace safety, but this outbreak has meant that they must take additional precautions. Daily temperature checks and education on social distancing, for example, is an important aspect at reducing the spread of the virus in the workplace. Worksite Medical has stepped in to help companies implement these changes.

Workplace Medical can also can conduct respirator fit testing. This is especially important for workplaces that aren’t used to wearing masks regularly and might not have been trained on how to fit and wear them.

Overall, Worksite Medical has said it’s important for employees to reduce trips to the regular clinic in order to minimize travel and contract. So they are encouraging clients to schedule appointments with their mobile clinics whenever possible.

“Now, more than ever before, it’s time to go mobile and bring the clinic to your workplace,” Workplace Medical wrote on their Facebook page. “instead of sending your employees to hospitals and urgent care clinics.”

We applaud Worksite Medical in its efforts to bring healthcare directly to the workplaces that need it during these difficult times. Thank you for all you do!

mobile occupational health clinic

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