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May 26, 2021 | 0
River Valley Mobile Care Unit

Bringing patient centered care to you!

That’s the slogan painted big and bold on the side of River Valley Health & Dental‘s Mobile Care Unit, which provides mobile medical and dental services to Lycoming County in north central Pennsylvania.

The mobile clinic is a full-service primary care and dental office on wheels, including two dental exam stations and one medical exam room, a bathroom, and x-ray machine. According to a post on River Valley’s Facebook page, the clinic allows the organization to better fulfill some of its core goals including increased outreach and easier access to more extensive health and dental services.

The vehicle itself was made possible due to a grant from the First Community Foundation Partnership (FCFP) of Pennsylvania. FCFP manages and administers a variety of grants to organizations in need or who have a project that qualifies for grant money. River Valley Health & Dental, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), a non-profit community-based health organization, was the recipient of the Williamsport Lycoming Grant which provides funds for non-profit program growth.

“A great service for the families in our community. So thankful to the First Community Foundation for this amazing grant,” commented one community member on a Facebook post presenting the new River Valley Mobile Care Unit.

“Awesome job and thanks to the Foundation for all their help making this dream come true” claimed another user.

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Having a mobile clinic in addition to their brick and mortar facility allows River Valley Health & Dental to expand their capabilities in many ways. Day to day, the mobile clinic can be spotted at local high schools, providing dental care for up to 25 students in a day, or attending events such as block parties and health fairs, where staff provides services such as dental and blood pressure screenings.

It also proved especially helpful during the pandemic. For example, in March 2020, when coronavirus lockdowns were first being announced throughout the country, River Valley deployed their mobile clinic in a unique way to help combat the pandemic. They parked the clinic in their parking lot and used it as a separate coronavirus assessment and testing area. This gave River Valley the opportunity to operate much more safely by keeping any potential COVID cases outside of the brick and mortar clinic and restricting them to one area that was partially outdoors. And because each La Boit mobile clinic is built with non-porous, commercial-grade surfaces, the clinic was easily sanitized between visits.

Lastly, the mobile clinic is also often utilized as a public relations tool. The city of Williamsport, PA where River Valley is based, is not a very large city, with just under 30,000 residents. I’m sure like most cities of that size, Williamsport has a very “everyone knows everyone” type of vibe. As a result, the impressive 40ft mobile clinic makes a splash wherever it goes. In 2019 before the pandemic, it was a part of several community parades, such as the Veterans Day Parade and the Grand Slam Little League Parade.

River Valley Health & Dental’s Mobile Care Unit is just one success story among hundreds of non-profit, community-based medical facilities that have deployed a mobile medical or dental clinic in their community. Mobile healthcare is particularly well-suited to areas such as these that typically aren’t served by large medical institutions. At La Boit, we are honored that organizations such as River Valley have put their faith in us to deliver a custom, quality mobile clinic that can meet their community’s unique needs. Thank you for all the work you do!

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