Reopening Your Mobile Business During COVID-19

May 21, 2020 | 0
La Boit clinics are built with all non-porous solid surfaces for easy cleaning!

Even as businesses across the country have begun to open, COVID-19 will be a reality that we’ll continue to live with for quite some time. “Social distancing” is now part of our daily lexicon. Some consumers will continue to be skittish of public places. And in true Midwestern style, our friends and family here in Ohio will continue to refer to this global pandemic as “all this stuff going on right now.”

As a business owner or non-profit who counts on individuals visiting your mobile clinic as a source of revenue or to fulfill your mission, it may take some time to reassure the public that you are taking careful precautions to protect their health and that it’s safe to visit your mobile clinic. New operating procedures are now required.

Here are a few changes we could see happening over the next year as mobile businesses reopen:

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

A thorough sanitizing of all surfaces after each client enters a truck will be the new normal. While thorough cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces such as medical and veterinary exam tables was always standard procedure, additional sanitation on areas such as door handles and reception-area waiting chairs will also become part of the checklist. Luckily, La Boit trucks are built with all non-porous solid surfaces for easy cleaning and sanitation. Even the flooring is one-sheet, commercial-grade non-porous vinyl.


Some La Boit clients park their truck in a static location, advertise that location, and allow for walk-ins on top of their regular appointments. We could see the unexpected walk-in being a thing of the past, at least for a while. Appointments will have to be spaced out to allow for sanitizing between customers and reduce the chance of congregating outside the clinic. That means appointment-only moving forward.

Outdoor Waiting Areas

In other instances, it may be impossible to run everything by appointment to reduce the chance of large gatherings. This is certainly true in situations such as DUI enforcement. However, we could see an outdoor waiting area with appropriately-spaced seating helping to solve some of those issues.

Mandatory Masks and Hand Sanitizer

For mobile medical vehicles that are government-funded, we could see mask-wearing become mandatory for both employees and the public. For private businesses, those decisions are mostly up to the business owner depending on your local state guidelines. In Ohio, masks are required for employers and employees, but are only encouraged for customers.

At the very least, we could see hand sanitizer set up somewhere outside the vehicle that would be mandatory before you can enter.

Limiting Staff on Board

Vehicles will likely try to limit staff to no more than two on board at any one time. For the vast majority of La Boit clients, this will be more than sufficient to handle operations of the clinic. For the few who operate with more staff, such as large bloodmobiles, they will likely have to update their operating procedures to account for reduced staff.

These are just a few of the things we see changing for our clients. How do you think things might be different for mobile businesses moving forward? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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