Quality Built Specialty Vehicles

“Quality prevails long after price is forgotten!"

- Gil Blais, President
La Boit Specialty Vehicles

All La Boit Specialty Vehicles are commercially-built from the chassis up...the way it should be!

A quick comparison of why La Boit Specialty Vehicles are better than a converted RV or bus.


"Commercially" Built

Converted RV or Bus


Specialty Vehicles FoundationFoundation

3/4” exterior grade plywood floor glued and fastened to the 2” x 2” welded box steel floor framework and attached to the chassis via special vibration dampers.

Fiberglass impregnated 5/8” plywood attached directly to chassis, or I-beams covered by wood planks that are unstable, prone to shifting, lending little structural integrity to the rest of the box, and often found in typical box delivery trucks.

Specialty Vehicles StructureStructure

1 1/2” aluminum box tube framework walls and roof engineered 16” on center.  Continuous Uni-body construction offers a solid engineered cage of protection and strength for anchoring of equipment, walls and cabinetry.  Provides increased durability, longevity and peace of mind.

1” steel, 1” aluminum, or 2” wood frame with support members 24” to 36” on center. Designed to handle occasional use. Some manufactures use less expensive box delivery trucks as their foundation of their product.

Specialty Vehicles InsulationInsulation

1-1/2 rigid foam insulation with dual vapor barrier and reflective interior surface holds a consistant temperature control and minimizes energy loss.

Fiberglass batting/residential home insulation. Susceptible to moisture damage and mold growth.

Specialty Vehicles Walls and RoofWalls and Roof

Full length 1-piece walls and roof.  Prevents leaks and improves R-value for heating and A/C control.  Provides a clean flush look that enhances the vehicle's graphics.

Multiple piece walls with numerous screws, bolts or rivets, allowing for potential future leaking.

Specialty Vehicles Interior

Custom La Boit Mobile Cabinetry designed with Non-porous materials:
•    Stainless Steel
•    Aluminum
•    Plastic laminates
    Also:   Coated fiberglass walls & ceiling and 1-piece hospital grade flooring

All easily sterilized and cleaned!

Fabrics, carpets, wood cabinets without laminate finish. All absorbant materials and unable to sterilize.

Specialty Vehicles AnchoringAnchoring

Specially made brackets and clamps for quickly securing equipment.  Saves time with set-up and break-down.  Tough slam-shut chrome latches and marine grade chrome/stainless steel hardware help keep your job simple and more reliable.

Bungee cords, multi-step latches and plastic hardware designed for occasional use makes for constant repairs.

Specialty Vehicles Electric and WiringElectric & Wiring

Easily accessible centralized electrical load centers for easy maintenance and any future additions.  All wiring runs thru surface mounted conduit for future access.  Generator (with Interior remote control) is mounted on pullout slides for easy service.

Wiring runs thru walls and ceiling making repairs difficult.  Generators mounted to chassis and must be unbolted and lifted for service.

Specialty Vehicles ServiceService

Easily access a “Service Manager” by calling 800-776-9984 or 24/7 online at laboit.com with links to local service centers of your major equipment providers. Our web site provides you the ability to address any issue or questions at your convenience. Most parts are in stock and available to ship Next-Day if needed. Exclusive 12 year limited warranty on the shell and 5 years on the interior cabinetry.

Are they dependent upon the bus/RV manufacturer for repairs? What % of their business are specialty vehicles? How many specialty vehicles like yours have they built? Do they inventory parts for your type of specialty vehicle? After one year, is there any warranty on the shell or the interior?