Police & Emergency Mobile Units

"We are grateful to have such a great vehicle to use and appreciate the efforts you and your staff made in order for us to receive the vehicle."
-Bear Lake County Sheriff's Office

Command Units

La Boit Specialty Vehicles specializes in commercially-built Mobile Command Units, built from the chassis up. We build a variety of multi-purpose vehicles such as Incident Command, Communications, HAZMAT, Bomb Squad, DUI Alcohol Testing and Hostage Negotiations vehicles.


How will you serve on-site?

Mobile Command Units can be built for multi-purposes or for a specific need.

Learn more now about the variety of Mobile Command Centers La Boit can customize.
Incident Command Centers
Incident Command Unit
Mobile Command Centers
Mobile Command Center
HAZMAT Command Centers
DUI Alcohol Testing Vehicle
DUI Alcohol Testing
Bomb Squad Vehicles
Bomb Squad
Critical Incident Command
Critical Incident