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Dr. Miller with La Boit’s Koni Wade smiling on pickup day

Laura Miller, DVM, works hard for cats. Like really hard.

“I’m on the road five days a week, sometimes six,” she explains. “I spay or neuter about 30 cats a day.”

Dr. Laura Miller is owner and operator of NOMAD, Inc., a cat-only spay and neuter clinic serving most of the state of Ohio. While La Boit has built plenty of cats-only mobile spay/neuter clinics in our day, the majority of them are run by non-profit organizations. NOMAD, Inc. is the only one that we know of that’s run by a private practitioner.

Dr. Miller’s business model is simple: go where the need is. Communities that are struggling with cat overpopulation will schedule one or more days for Dr. Miller to travel to them and set up her mobile clinic. Residents can then bring their cats in for sterilization, or she’ll sterilize cats as part of a TNR (trap-neuter-release) program . She works with government entities, non-profits, and even individual volunteers alike who schedule, advertise, and fund these clinics.

“I travel where the need is,” says Dr. Miller. “I put a lot of miles on my clinic because I don’t want to let the volunteers down.”

For example, Dr. Miller was in recently in Newark, Ohio (an exurb of Columbus) running a clinic for a private citizen, an electrician by trade, she says, who “just loves cats.”

Dr. Miller was first introduced to La Boit when she purchased NOMAD, Inc. from another veterinarian in 2000. The business already came with a La Boit clinic, which she put many miles on in the years after. She was so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that she purchased two more since then, with the most recent in 2018.

Dr. Miller’s dog and cat checking out the cabin on pickup day in 2018

It was her latest clinic that she recently brought in for service at La Boit’s facility in Columbus.

La Boit has been servicing our own vehicles since day one. For years, the same staff who built the vehicles also serviced them. However, as our business expanded we decided the time had come for a completely separate department. Now, we have a fully-staffed service department whose only job is to service existing vehicles. It’s a feature not many specialty vehicle manufacturers offer.

“I am so excited they have a service department!” says Dr. Miller. “Honestly, it kind of feels like I’m bringing my unit back to the mother ship. They just know my unit better than anyone.”

Recently, Dr. Miller brought her vehicle in for some new windows in her clinic.

“My unit works hard in Ohio winters,” she says. “All those miles and all that salt.”

Dr. Miller elected to have her windows replaced completely so that they’re in tip top shape. She says that likes to keep up on her maintenance at the first sign of issues.

“La Boit gets me in the next day if I need it,” she explains.

As a mobile veterinarian for 20+ years, Dr. Miller epitomizes the success one can have when you are passionate about your work. She tells us that all her clients come from word-of mouth.

“I am blessed with the love and support of so many people around me,” she says. “My friends, family, volunteers, and La Boit. La Boit treats me like family.”

We’re so proud to call people like Dr. Miller our clients, and also our family. Thank you for trusting us for over 20 years!

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