Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital (MASH)

February 23, 2021 | 0

Be bold! Don’t just be another face in the crowd… do yourself a favor and try something that is unique, creative and stands out.

Dr. Mike Tenzer, Owner of MASH (Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital)

That’s the advice of newly mobile veterinarian Dr. Mike Tenzer out of South Beach, Florida. His mobile clinic, the Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital, or MASH, first began providing neighborhoods in South Florida with family-style pet care in October 2020.  However, just because he’s newly mobile, doesn’t mean he’s new. Dr. Tenzer spent 20 years prior to going mobile as the owner of a thriving brick and mortar practice, the South Beach Animal Hospital. 

Unfortunately, due to increasing real estate costs in South Florida, Dr. Tenzer was forced to make a difficult decision, move his brick and mortar practice to a new location or close operations all together. After taking a brief sabbatical to think it over, Dr. Tenzer realized there was a third choice: Take his practice mobile!

“After 20 years of being the boss I couldn’t go back to being a worker bee,” Dr. Tenzer writes to La Boit in an email interview. “So after looking at several brick-and-mortar locations and being mortified at the local real estate situation here in Miami, I decided a great solution would be mobile practice.”

So he and his business partner, Amy McCarty (who functions as “office manager, nurse technician, you name it,” Dr. Tenzer says) hit the road without looking back in a La Boit-built 24ft mobile veterinary clinic. They tell us that they work everyday under the mantra of “treating your pets like you would your own” and are excited to be able to bring genuine, highly-personal care directly to their customers.

“I’m having a blast in my La Boit!,” Dr. Tenzer says. “There are quite a few ins and outs you have to adapt to so don’t stress out! Go with the flow and enjoy the ride. Windows down. Music up. Taking great veterinary care straight to my patients!”

The MASH duo stated that at some point in the future they’d love to add a third person to the team who can field phone calls while they are busy in surgery or appointments. But for now Dr. Tenzer and Ms. McCarty say they are grateful to have their vet vehicle and a cultivated list of clients from over 20 years of practice that has allowed them to hit the road rolling. 

At La Boit we’ve always consulted clients that their truck’s graphics are one of their greatest marketing tools. Dr. Tenzer agrees, saying that the truck itself is quite striking and is the best form of advertising. He advises new mobile veterinarians to park in the neighborhoods they’d prefer to practice and wait for the calls to come in. 

“You can get a lot of business by just billboard advertising of the truck,” he says.

Dr. Tenzer says that word-of-mouth takes over from there. Once one client visits the truck, they tell their neighbors about it.

“The craftsmanship is unbelievable. Everyday clients [who] take a peek inside… are absolutely floored,” he writes. “Once neighbors start talking about you in the next door app and various forums you will start getting more and more calls.”

At La Boit Specialty Vehicles, we are honored to have worked with MASH and to have provided them with the right equipment to launch them into the next chapter of their journey. 

“It was a genuine pleasure.” Dr. Tenzer writes when asked what it was like working with La Boit. “Everybody was very helpful with all the twists and turns and changes in design and so on. It’s a pleasure doing business with a local family style operation.”

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