La Boit’s New CNC Machine: Fast and Accurate

March 24, 2021 | 0

CNC MachineLa Boit Specialty Vehicles recently installed a new CNC Machine at our facility that will help us deliver vehicles faster, with less waste and more accuracy.

CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. Basically, it's a machine that has a computer-controlled router that can make precise cuts in a variety of different materials to create separate pieces or patterns. At La Boit, we primarily use the machine to make cuts for our cabinetry, but also use it for other materials such as plastic.

At La Boit, we've been long known for our cabinetry. We wrote a blog way back in 2013 called "What Makes La Boit Cabinetry So Much Better?" In that blog, we briefly mentioned our previous CNC machine, which we had been using for many years. Our new machine, however, is much quicker and runs on future-proof software that will allow years of continued operation.

Many specialty vehicle manufacturers still cut their cabinetry and other components by hand using a table saw and hand-operated routers. While handmade might be the preference for crafts on Etsy, it's not ideal for commercial-grade cabinetry. With our CNC machine, we are able to create custom components that fit together with perfect accuracy, which allows our cabinetry to endure years of wear and tear in a commercial setting.

Certain parts we couldn't even attempt by hand because of the complexity. At La Boit, we often refer to this as "pocketing out" for details. For example, a custom build may require the wiring for specialized equipment to pass through a component at a very specific spot. With the CNC machine, we can code and drill that component with exact accuracy, so there's never a need to try and "make something fit" and compromise the integrity of the entire setup.

Lastly, the CNC machine is simply quicker. It makes short work of cabinet components so that our cabinet builders always have the parts and materials ready for assembly and installation. Production doesn't have to stop because of one miscut or missing component. It's one more way we can streamline the complex build process of our specialty vehicles so that they are delivered on time for our customers.

We even installed a vacuum lift to accompany our CNC machine so that our operator can move large sheets of cabinet-grade plywood on and off the machine much more easily. At La Boit, we're all about efficiency in our workshop!

Take a look at our CNC machine in operation!

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La Boit Specialty Vehicles president Gil Blais first started La Boit in his garage in 1981, where he hand-made organizational boxes for traveling veterinarians. Fast forward to today, La Boit Specialty Vehicles is now a leader in specialty vehicle manufacturing for the Veterinary, Spay/Neuter/Adoption, Dental, Medical, Command, and Bloodmobile industries.

La Boit Specialty Vehicles offers a variety of vehicles to suit your needs, from 18ft pull-behind trailers to 40ft drivable coaches, none of which require a CDL to drive. Best of all, our vehicles are commercially-built from the chassis up for your specific needs, and are never converted RVs.

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