Humane Society of Naples

April 26, 2021 | 0
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With the help of the devoted citizens in South Florida, the Humane Society of Naples has been rescuing lost, injured, or abandoned animals for over 60 years. The organization provides animal adoptions as well as vaccines, surgeries, and other routine services for canines, felines, rabbits, and ferrets. And in 2021, they continue to care for any pet that may need it.

“[We are] Collier County’s premier no-kill shelter, adoption center and full-service veterinary clinic,” they write on their Facebook page. “Our mission is to shelter animals in times of need, locating life-long homes, and advocating for responsible pet ownership.”

It is with this mission in mind that they commissioned a new 33ft mobile veterinary clinic from La Boit Specialty Vehicles. The Paige Conery Mobile Veterinary Clinic is equipped to provide veterinary care, food, supplies, and behavioral training to local residents. The hope is with the resources and equipment to provide on-the-go veterinary services, they will be able to reach more pets and be able to save pet owners time and money on animal care, particularly those who may face barriers to that care.

This is actually the second La Boit-built truck for the Humane Society of Naples. They already owned a 2013 26ft mobile adoption clinic, named the Paws Around Town bus. For the past several years, the bus traveled to businesses and events throughout the community, bringing adoptable animals directly to the public. It’s through this lens that the organization understood the true value of a mobile component.

“Access to care is a major concern in the low-income and rural areas of Collier County,” the Naples Humane Society told NBC2 in an interview about the new mobile clinic. “Providing these resources could help lower local shelter populations.”

The Humane Society received their latest La Boit clinic in late 2020 and have been putting it to great use ever since. They set up shop every week outside a local church in rural Everglades City, where staff veterinarians examine and treat an average of 15-20 pets a day.

Executive Director Sarah Davis told Naples Daily News that clients pay a $10 booking fee, after which the staff will work with the clients to offer low-cost services based on what they can afford to pay.

The mobile program has been so successful that The Naples Humane Society is already looking to expand.

“The goal is to eventually have two mobile clinics dispatched in the county five days a week,” Davis told the newspaper.

The Humane Society of Naples recognizes that many pet owners just need a little bit of help taking care of their animal’s health, and bridging that gap of accessible pet care can help reduce the number of animals that end up in the shelter.

“We want to help you keep that animal in a good home,” Davis explains.

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