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About Mobile Occupational Health Vehicles

On-site mobile health services is a growing segment of the overall healthcase industry, and occupational health services are particularly well-suited to a mobile environment. Everyone is looking for ways to bring down the cost of healthcase, and testing and prevention is a big part of that.

Mobile occupational health clinics are utilized by:

  • For-Profit Healthcare Providers/Consultants
  • Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Hospital Systems
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Occupational Health Clinic Features

The interior of each La Boit Specialty Vehicle is designed with a custom floor plan to maximize space and efficiency. Since each La Boit Specialty Vehicle is commercially-built from the ground up, and are NEVER converted RV or buses, we specialize in accommodating the detailed requests that our clients want. Put us to the test!

Features that are often requested for occupational health:

  • Hearing Screening Booths
  • Exam Rooms
  • Drug Testing
  • Lab Area
  • Bathroom
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Standard Features of Our Mobile Medical Clinics

La Boit Specialty Vehicle's exclusive all-aluminum cage gives you the industrial strength you need to anchor equipment and cabinetry for years of mobile transit use. You can't beat La Boit for an exceptional ride, superior handling and overall best value for a Mobile Occupational Health Clinic.

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