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 Mobile HIV/AIDS Testing Clinics

Mobile HIV/AIDS Testing Clinic

About Mobile HIV/AIDS Testing Vehicles

Many non-profit organizations and government-funded health initiatives list HIV/AIDS testing and prevention as their primary mission objectives. A mobile HIV/AIDS testing clinic can make meaningful impact in communities that might see higher instances of the virus. It can be used for both testing and prevention education, and can also be used as a backup for other mobile wellness initiatives when necessary.

Mobile HIV/AIDS testing clinics are utilized by:

  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Government Agencies
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Mobile HIV/AIDS Testing Clinic Features

The interior of each La Boit Specialty Vehicle is designed with a custom floor plan to maximize space and efficiency. Since each La Boit Specialty Vehicle is commercially-built from the ground up, and are NEVER converted RV or buses, we specialize in accommodating the detailed requests that our clients want. Put us to the test!

Features that are often included for HIV/AIDS Testing:

  • Separate History Rooms for Privacy
  • Exam Room
  • Laboratory
  • Bathroom
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Standard Features of Our Mobile Medical Clinics

La Boit Specialty Vehicle's exclusive all-aluminum cage gives you the industrial strength you need to anchor equipment and cabinetry for years of mobile transit use. You can't beat La Boit for an exceptional ride, superior handling and overall best value for a Mobile HIV/AIDS Testing Clinic.