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Just a few reasons why organizations love Bloodmobiles from
La Boit Specialty Vehicles…

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“From the beginning, the sales and production staff were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. The ability to customize various aspects of the coach provide us with great flexibility. The expanded width of the interior aisles and additional headroom have been real positives. They make the experience much more satisfactory for staff and blood donors. Our organization is proud of these coaches and their tangible representation of our mission."

- Oklahoma Blood Institute

Oklahoma Blood Institute

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Oklahoma Blood Institute Bloodmobile

Community Blood Bank - Appleton, WI

Community Blood Bank Bloodmobile

Texoma Regional Blood Center

Texoma Regional Blood Center Bloodmobile

San Diego Blood Bank

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San Diego Blood Bank Bloodmobile

King Saude Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Bloodmobile

Blood Assurance

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Blood Assurance Bloodmobile

Carter Bloodcare

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Carter Bloodcare Bloodmobile

Community Blood Bank - Souix Falls, SD

Community Blood Bank Bloodmobile

Community Blood Center

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Community Blood Center Bloodmobile

Meek Blood Center

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Meek Blood Center Bloodmobile

New York Blood Center

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New York Blood Center Bloodmobile

University of Colorado Health

UC Health Bloodmobile

Marsh Regional Blood Center

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Marsh Regional Blood Center Bloodmobile

LifeShare Blood Centers

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Lifeshare Blood Centers Bloodmobile

Texas Blood Institute

Texas Blood Institute Bloodmobile


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