Client Spotlight: Oklahoma Blood Institute Celebrates 40 Years

March 8, 2017 | 0

Way back in 2013, we shined the spotlight on Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI). Back then, they ordered three bloodmobiles from La Boit Specialty Vehicles to serve their mission to supply blood to 160 medical facilities throughout Oklahoma (now 165 facilities!)

Fast forward to 2017, and OBI is celebrating their 40th anniversary with the addition of three more La Boit-built bloodmobiles delivered within the last six months. Each vehicle is built on a 42ft Freightliner chassis and features four donor beds and three interview rooms.

With their new bloodmobiles in tow, OBI is doing a special promotion to encourage blood donations for their 40th year called the “Blood Donor Challenge.” Throughout the challenge, each donor will receive a free t-shirt and health screening during their visit. According to the press release, John Armitage, president and CEO of Oklahoma Blood Institute, says that despite the growing need, donors don’t give as much as they could.

“[S]ince our current donors typically give only once or twice a year, we hope they are inspired to give as often as they can this year.”

OBI says that individuals can give blood every 56 days, and platelets about every two weeks.

Oklahoma Blood Institute stresses the importance of bloodmobiles to help meet the constant need for blood. According to their website, OBI’s fleet of bloodmobiles collect over 34,000 units of blood each year. That’s one of the reasons OBI set up a separate fundraising stream, called the Bloodmobile Fund, that is specifically for their bloodmobiles. When financial donations come in, donors can earmark them to support OBI’s mobile blood donation efforts.

We’d like to congratulate, but more importantly, say thank you, to OBI for their 40 years of service to Oklahoma. Best wishes for another 40 years!

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