St. Luke’s Hospital Mobile Simulation Unit

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St. Luke's simbulance exterior

“Medical Education in Motion! St. Luke’s recently added a new 34’ truck to its fleet. It’s VIP passenger? A human simulator that can breathe, sweat, cry and bleed.”

That’s what St. Luke’s Hospital Network wrote on their Facebook page last week after it took delivery of their new simulation truck, a custom La Boit-built medical clinic specifically designed to simulate realistic medical situations for training purposes.

As their post suggests, the jewel of their unit is a human-sized dummy that can simulate a variety of medical conditions. In an interview with station WFMZ, Director of St. Luke’s Simulation Center, Megan Augustine, was quoted as saying, “It does everything that a human can do with the exception of get up from the stretcher, sit up and walk out of the truck.”

The goal, of course, is for St. Luke’s to increase quality care through training. Medical education is a core focus of their mission. On their website, they write: “Dedicated to advancing medical education, St. Luke’s is the preeminent teaching hospital in central-eastern Pennsylvania. In partnership with Temple University, St. Luke’s created the Lehigh Valley’s first and only regional medical school campus. “

mobile medical simulation truck interior

St. Luke’s University Health Network is a network of 11 hospitals and 300+ outpatient facilities. At the medical school campus, St. Luke’s has run an on-site simulation facility for many years, where students can train in realistic scenarios using functioning medical equipment. Now, with the mobile unit ready for launch, they can take that same type of simulated training directly to their many locations throughout the region.

In addition to the human simulator, the vehicle includes all the equipment you would typically see in a hospital situation. The vehicle can even be used for medical treatment during community health initiatives or in cases of emergency response.

To view the ribbon-cutting ceremony and an interior look at St. Luke’s vehicle, watch the video from WFMZ.

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