St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

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When natural disasters strike, human beings often have to flee an area on very short notice. And if you work at a local humane society, you don’t just have to worry about your own life, but the lives of your animals too. The logistics of transporting your animals to safety can be daunting. Imagine the task of loading dozens or even hundreds of animals in the personal cars of employees and volunteers, all while they themselves may be trying to flee. Sometimes, there simply isn’t enough space or time.

That’s when organizations like St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center can step in to help. Transporting vulnerable animals to a safe location during an emergency is one of their core missions, which is exactly what happened last fall after Hurricane Dorian ravaged Grand Bahama.

(You can read the incredible and harrowing story of the workers at the Grand Bahama shelter as the waters began to rise. Incidentally, Humane Society of Grand Bahama just took delivery of their very own La Boit clinic earlier this year. We will be spotlighting their organization in the next couple months.)

Here is what one of the La Boit team members had to say about St. Hubert’s when they caught a glimpse of them and their La Boit-built mobile adoption vehicle on The Weather Channel.

A picture a La Boit employee snapped of St. Huberts Rescue on The Weather Channel.

“Wanted to show you the picture I snapped from the Weather Channel. La Boit out making magic happen! This is the Zephyr…the rescue truck we built for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. They work directly with ASPCA and HSUS with any of the disasters that happen and take in the rescues from other states and countries. They had a huge plane full of mostly cats and a few dogs and they were unloading them and putting them onto our truck and a few other sprinter trucks. Then they showed the Zephyr drive off honking. Thought I would share. We are everywhere!”


About St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center

Since 1939, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center has grown into a multiple facility organization that operates in Madison, Ledgewood, and North Branch, New Jersey. They care for animals rescued in disaster zones, as well as for animals rescued from overcrowded shelters located in New Jersey. Nationally recognized, their Training and Behavior Center operating at the Madison location offers specialized animal training classes that feature behavior development.

As a non-profit organization, St. Hubert’s provides a wide variety of community services that include pet adoption, humane treatment education, and low cost spaying and neutering. The organization also advocates for animal welfare enhancement laws at the state and federal level. In addition, St. Hubert’s provides animal control services for numerous New Jersey municipalities.

Helping Relocate Vulnerable Animals

On February 17, 2020, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center helped local authorities rescue more than 130 cats and dogs from an illegal breeding facility located in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Around 40 of the rescued animals traveled to the organization’s Madison facility to receive medical treatment, as well as to find solace in a comforting temporary home. Working with local officials by rescuing animals living at breeding facilities represents one of the main goals written into St. Hubert’s mission statement.

Rescuing distressed animals from disaster zones is the second component of the St. Hubert’s mission statement. As the large scale disaster produced by Hurricane Dorian shows, many survivors have to deal with much more than personal emergency management issues. Their cherished family pets require assistance as well, which is what St. Hubert’s provided, with the help of an animal rescue specialty vehicle called Zephyr.

The Story Behind Zephyr

What started as an adorable senior beagle morphed into a state of the art animal transport vehicle. One of the volunteers at a St. Hubert’s sister shelter discovered a stray beagle meandering by itself in a grassy field. When the sister shelter asked St. Hubert’s to take Zephyr in for care and ultimately for adoption, the animal welfare center welcomed the beagle with loving open arms. After a couple of years, Zephyr’s health began to fail and on August 13, 2013, St. Hubert’s said goodbye to the charming and personable beagle. In honor of the dog, St. Hubert’s named their specialty vehicle Zephyr.

Zephyr spans 26 feet, and it is constructed on a Ford E450 gas chassis. The mobile adoption clinic has cargo space to fit dozens of cages to harbor animals safely. The vehicle also features two roll doors and retractable awnings that makes it more welcoming during pet adoption events.

When not being used for community-based adoption events, St. Hubert’s uses the mobile clinic to pick up animals directly from disaster areas or by helping to arrange transportation by plane with the help of partners, where animals are then transferred in the Zephyr from the tarmac to their shelters in New Jersey.

After Hurricane Dorian, St. Huberts wrote on their Facebook:

“Wednesday–long day, late night for 80+ deserving Bahamian felines displaced by Hurricane Dorian welcomed late evening at Morristown Airport and now safe and sound at St. Hubert’s. Humane Society Of Grand Bahama we are honored by your trust in sending them and promise to love them as you all have! THANK YOU Wings of Rescue, ifaw, for making it happen. “

At La Boit, we are proud to be a part of the mission of St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. Thank you for all that you do!

About La Boit Specialty Vehicles

La Boit Specialty Vehicles president Gil Blais first started La Boit in his garage, where he hand-made organizational boxes for traveling veterinarians. Fast forward 37 years, La Boit Specialty Vehicles is now a leader in specialty vehicle manufacturing for the Veterinary, Spay/Neuter/Adoption, Dental, Medical, Command, and Bloodmobile industries.

La Boit Specialty Vehicles offers a variety of vehicles to suit your needs, from 18ft pull-behind trailers to 40ft drivable coaches, none of which require a CDL to drive. Best of all, our vehicles are commercially-built from the chassis up for your specific needs, and are never converted RVs.

Mission Statement:

Helping professionals around the world confidently deliver a higher level of service to their local markets by providing the highest quality custom mobile units in the industry!

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