RAAM Mobile Veterinary Care

August 24, 2020 | 0

RAAM Innovative Veterinary Solutions Inc. is a full service mobile veterinary clinic operating in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Dr. Rod Arad, along with his hospital manager/technician, Jasmine Raymond, first established RAAM because of a shared passion in caring for animals and providing all kinds of pet owners with the knowledge to carry out the best animal treatment plans.

“We believe that the best treatment plan for our patient is formulated with well-educated clients,” they write on their website. “Convenience is crucial, clients should be able to rest assured that their pet will be treated in an efficient stress free manner.”

Dr. Rod and Jasmine are able to accomplish this with over a combined 20 years of veterinary experience.

“When you love animals, it’s not work,” Jasmine exclaims.  

Providing high-quality animal care service would not be possible without their 26ft Mobile Veterinary Clinic by La Boit, which allows them to serve their clients conveniently around the community and at home with preventative medicine, alternative medicine, and exotic animal care. 

“This was by far the BEST vet experience I have had in a long time! I made an appointment and they were at my house the next morning to care for my dog. They did the exam in my living room which kept my high strung chihuahua relatively calm given the circumstances,” says a RAAM client.

Both Dr. Rod and Jasmine heavily emphasize the importance of animal care education for themselves and their clients, especially with exotic animals, for which Dr. Rod has an extreme passion for. 

They have attended various educational events for exotic animal care to further their knowledge and understanding through hands-on workshops and scientific sessions, such as Exoticscon and the International Conference on Avian Herpetological and Exotic Mammal Medicine. Their mobile veterinary clinic gives them the opportunity to share this expertise and animal care education seamlessly with each patient and client they provide service for, which is the foundation of their mission.

To ensure their animal care knowledge gets the most outreach they also carry out educational courses, such as “Respiratory Disease in Reptiles” and “Reptile Behavior and Animal Welfare.”

When not providing ongoing education through professional lectures, the RAAM Mobile Veterinary Care clinic can be found parked around the community at doggie daycares or animal charity 5ks.  

“I’m so thankful there are people out there (Dr. Rod and Jasmine) who really care about animals,” says another RAAM client.

At La Boit, couldn’t agree more! We’re so honored to know Dr. Rod and Jasmine and be a part of the tremendous, immeasurable work that they do!

About La Boit Specialty Vehicles

La Boit Specialty Vehicles president Gil Blais first started La Boit in his garage in 1981, where he hand-made organizational boxes for traveling veterinarians. Fast forward to today, La Boit Specialty Vehicles is now a leader in specialty vehicle manufacturing for the Veterinary, Spay/Neuter/Adoption, Dental, Medical, Command, and Bloodmobile industries.

La Boit Specialty Vehicles offers a variety of vehicles to suit your needs, from 18ft pull-behind trailers to 40ft drivable coaches, none of which require a CDL to drive. Best of all, our vehicles are commercially-built from the chassis up for your specific needs, and are never converted RVs.

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