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Piedmont Animal Service Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Jennifer Proctor has owned and operated Piedmont Animal Service mobile veterinary practice in Central Georgia since 2000. In that time, she has owned three different mobile clinics. Her first two were from a manufacturer that is no longer in business. When it was time for her third, she toured two other makers and, in her words, “she was highly impressed with [La Boit National Sales Manager] Koni Wade and went with La Boit.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with LaBoit during the building process,” she wrote to us in an email. “And was overwhelmed when I saw the clinic for the first time on arrival in Ohio.”

Piedmont Animal Service is a very busy mixed animal practice in rural Georgia. In her fully-equipped mobile clinic, she and her team have completed c-sections, cystotomies, spays and neuters, tumor removals and many dentals. Dr. Proctor says that on any given day she could see cats, dogs, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, or horses.

“I’ve had this mobile just over a year now and I love coming to work each day!,” she writes. “It is so bright and open and roomy and clean. Clients love the seating availability and checking out our operating area as well.”

Dr. Proctor says that her horse patients, in particular, have a very funny reaction when she shows up. She starts by telling us a story about the design for the graphics on the side of her clinic. She wanted something nice, but not too flashy. The final design includes silhouettes of several animals on the side of the clinic, including a horse, cow, sheep and dog. Little did she know the reaction that some horses would have when they saw the horse graphic.

“We have had numerous horses repeatedly this past year greet the horse silhouette on the side of the vehicle vocally and sniffing nose to nose —while ignoring the cow, sheep and dog also in front of them,” she writes. “If that’s not a testament to good art, what is?”

Beyond the exterior graphics, Dr. Proctor says she’s also very impressed with interior layout of the clinic.

“I am currently upgrading my bloodwork machine,” she writes. “I feel my install will go smoothly and not take away from the clean look of my interior, thanks to the guys’ advice who put the clinic together initially.”

When not taking care of family pets and farm animals, Dr. Proctor takes her clinic to local schools for Career Days where the kids and teachers love to check out the clinic and equipment. The stars of the show might be her technicians’ wonderful dog companions, who delight kids and adults alike.

From all of us at La Boit Specialty Vehicles, congratulations Dr. Proctor on your many successful years as a mobile veterinarian! Thank you for choosing La Boit!

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