Marsh Regional Blood Center Partners with Country Artists to Promote Blood Donation

May 12, 2014 | 1

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Your friendly La Boit blogger just noticed this story last week, and although it happened way back in February, it’s still relevant for other blood organizations who may want to engage with popular musicians to promote their bloodmobiles and their mission…

Marsh Regional Blood Center serves the blood needs of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, which just so happens to be the epicenter of all things country music. With country musicians traveling through their territory all the time, Marsh Blood decided to organize an event to help promote the life-saving power of blood donation, as well as generate some positive PR for the musicians themselves.

Enter Phil Vassar and High Valley, well-known country artists. Performing in Bristol, TN one February evening, the artists agreed to participate in a PR event for Marsh Regional Blood Center. In conjunction with local media and the performance venue, the Marsh bloodmobile was allowed to park outside the venue for several hours prior to the show. During that time, Vassar and the musicians from High Valley toured the bloodmobile, posed for pictures, signed autographs, and even donated blood, all of which was promoted on local TV and radio.

The event required the cooperation of many different organizations, but the results speak for themselves! La Boit Specialty Vehicles would like to encourage all our bloodmobile clients to think about unique ways in which they can partner with artists and musicians of all types to help promote their mission.

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About Marsh Regional Blood Center

Marsh Regional Blood Center has been the largest hometown supplier of blood and blood products in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia for more than 60 years. Since establishing the region’s first independent blood bank in Kingsport, Tenn., in 1947, the mission of Marsh Regional has been to collect and maintain blood supplies to meet local needs. Through generous support from thousands of our family members, friends and neighbors, Marsh Regional has grown steadily and today supplies 19 medical facilities.

Marsh Regional annually collects, processes, stores and distributes thousands of units of blood and blood products for local use. In fact, Marsh Regional is the only blood center in this region collecting blood products and using them to supply so many local hospitals. We operate collection centers in Bristol and Kingsport, and our four bloodmobiles collect blood daily at locations around the area.

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