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The Raptor Trust is one of La Boit Specialty Vehicle’s more unique clients. Of course, La Boit Specialty Vehicles builds mobile veterinary vehicles for humane societies and shelters all over the country. However, those vehicles are primarily focused on dogs and cats, of which La Boit clients have helped thousands. The Raptor Trust, on the other hand, is a New Jersey-based non-profit that focuses exclusively on helping sick and injured birds, with a special focus on birds of prey.

According to their website, The Raptor Trust came about as a result of the passion of Len Soucy, who, with the help of his wife Diane and son Chris, began caring for injured raptors in the 1960s on their own small piece of land in New Jersey.

As their operation grew and the surrounding area’s residents began to bring in injured birds of all types, they realized they couldn’t care for the birds on their own any longer. So in the 1980s they started The Raptor Trust, a 501c3 organization that has gained international acclaim for its work with birds.

Len Soucy passed away in 2014, but was extremely proud of the work he started with The Raptor Trust. Last year, the organization brought in a record number 6,000 birds. They provide care for an astounding 50% of all birds and 25% of all wildlife admitted to rehabilitation centers in New Jersey. In addition to that work, they also maintain an educational facility that is free and open to the public.

In response to that extraordinary demand for services, in 2016 The Raptor Trust announced their first capital campaign ever, aptly named TAKE FLIGHT. The ambitious campaign was designed to allow the organization to significantly increase their capacity to care for birds. The money would upgrade medical equipment, renovate the infirmary, expand their capacity, and purchase a custom mobile veterinary unit. For that last bit, they chose the leader in mobile veterinary clinics, La Boit Specialty Vehicles.

The vehicle they ultimately decided upon is a mobile veterinary trailer, specifically-designed and equipped with everything required to care for birds. It includes equipment for radiology, endoscopy, cold laser therapy, microscopy, cautery, and more.

The trailer was never intended to move much. Instead it was chosen as a cost-effective solution to increase their surgical capacity. The trailer allows The Rapture Trust to free up space within their infirmary for the most critical or rare birds, while providing a sterile surgery space for other cases.

When we followup up with Raptor Trust Executive Director, Chris Soucy, by email to see how things were going, he wrote: “All is well. We like it a lot and had very good communication with La Boit from start to finish.

“Life is Beautiful.”

That’s what one reviewer wrote on The Raptor Trust’s Facebook page while talking about her life-long experiences with the organization, which started when she was a young girl and now continues with her own daughter. The Raptor Trust has hundreds of positive reviews from individuals who have visited their facility or dropped off injured birds. We think it’s most appropriate to give one of those visitors the last word:

“I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl,” the reviewer wrote. “I would walk around with my parents and observe all the birds and raptors. I’ve been to the nature education center and the trails around The Great Swamp. Life is beautiful. I have brought in many many injured and abandoned birds over the years and they were taken care of- even the ones that didn’t survive- I knew that the staff made sure they weren’t suffering and they passed on comfortably and peacefully. I love this place and everything they do for these birds! Now that I have a little girl , we started coming here with her and she loves seeing all the birds and wildlife!”

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