Client Spotlight: Rascal Unit Takes Delivery of Their Third Vehicle

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rascal unit

Rascal Unit was founded in 2006 in Dublin, Ohio with a mission to serve animals in need throughout the State of Ohio with low-cost veterinary services and education. On their website, they state their goal is to “decrease euthanasia rates and pet surrender due to a pet’s owner’s inability to afford care for their pet. We also hope to help decrease pet overpopulation, shelter overcrowding, and animal euthanasia at shelters due to space by providing an affordable, yet high quality, pet sterilization service.”

The Rascal Unit purchased their first La Boit truck in 2006, a 31ft spay/neuter clinic. They purchased their second two years later, a 28ft clinic. Since then, the clinics have traveled thousands of miles throughout the state of Ohio, and served tens of thousands of individuals with low-cost, mobile-based spay/neuter and other health services. They were so successful, that in 2018 they decided to add a third vehicle to their fleet. Of course, La Boit was their first call.


The way that Rascal Unit works is that local shelters and other animal welfare organizations contact Rascal Unit to provide services to their community on a specific date. The local organization then handles marketing of the program to their community, as well as all appointments and scheduling.  The Rascal Unit then drives to the location from its headquarters in Dublin, Ohio and services all the appointments set up for it that day.  It’s a win-win for everyone: The local community gets access to low-cost spay/neuter, vaccination, and wellness services, and the both the shelter and Rascal Unit get to fulfill their core missions of controlling pet overpopulation.

People all over Ohio have really responded to the service.

“Rascal mobile unit is AMAZING!,” writes one employee of a local shelter on Facebook. “Hats off to Dr G and all of the staff that give up their weekends to travel around most of Ohio to provide low cost spay/neuter for so many animals and their owners. Without you ALL, we would not be making a difference in our animal community!!”

Another reviewer writes: “Rascal unit has spayed and neutered so many stray rescues and pets for me and my family at incredibly affordable prices. They make rescue efforts so much easier, awesome group!!”

It’s stories like these that make it such a pleasure to work with our great clients!

“What can we say about Rascal and Dr. G?,” says La Boit National Sales Director, Koni Wade. “They picked up their 3rd Rascal mobile clinic, Rascal 3, a few months ago. She is a beauty with dual surgery tables, lots of cages, exam room and plenty of room for staff to do what they do best! Dr. G has been a part of our family for a long time and been a huge part of the Ohio community for many years. Thanks Dr. G and staff! We appreciate you all!”

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