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Animal Rescue League of Boston

July 24, 2020 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Veterinary | No Comments |

Animal Rescue League of Boston’s “Spay Waggin'”
2020 33ft Spay/Neuter Clinic

For over 10 years, we here at La Boit Specialty Vehicles have been honored to work with the incredible team at the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston. Each year, ARL serves more than 20,000 animals in need with veterinary care, pet adoption, and “field services.” (Field services can include things such as technical rescues of wild and domestic animals from trees, water, and ice, and non-technical rescues for injured domestic animals.)

ARL has a long and storied history. On their website, they talk about how they have been confronting the root causes of animal cruelty and neglect since 1899. Back then, many stray animals suffered as they lived on the streets of Boston. They write that founder Anna Harris Smith felt the call to take action against the cruel mistreatment of these homeless animals, in addition to Boston’s many working horses.

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Ensuring Success During the Mobile Medical Clinic RFP Process

June 19, 2020 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Medical | No Comments | Tags: ,

Top three ways to ensure that your mobile medical clinic doesn’t end up over-built or under-built.

COVID-19 has brought a fresh interest in mobile medical clinics. Clients who may have only thought about a mobile medical clinic in the abstract, have now begun putting the plans in place to get one built for their medical facility. Private practitioners, large hospital systems, and public health agencies have all submitted RFPs to La Boit in the past few months looking for a quote. It’s sad to say that even if those clients have had a mobile medical clinic built in the past, the RFPs are often lacking.

We understand the need for a request for proposal process. At La Boit Specialty Vehicles, we ourselves have used an RFP on occasion to engage with vendors. However, when building a high-investment, complex product such as a mobile medical clinic, we feel that the RFP process sometimes works against organizations getting the right solution.

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Reopening Your Mobile Business During COVID-19

La Boit clinics are built with all non-porous solid surfaces for easy cleaning!

Even as businesses across the country have begun to open, COVID-19 will be a reality that we’ll continue to live with for quite some time. “Social distancing” is now part of our daily lexicon. Some consumers will continue to be skittish of public places. And in true Midwestern style, our friends and family here in Ohio will continue to refer to this global pandemic as “all this stuff going on right now.”

As a business owner or non-profit who counts on individuals visiting your mobile clinic as a source of revenue or to fulfill your mission, it may take some time to reassure the public that you are taking careful precautions to protect their health and that it’s safe to visit your mobile clinic. New operating procedures are now required.

Here are a few changes we could see happening over the next year as mobile businesses reopen:

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Worksite Medical Adds COVID-19 Screening to its Mobile Health Services

April 28, 2020 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Client Spotlight, Medical | No Comments | Tags:

worksite medical mobile occupational health clinic
Photo courtesy of Worksite Medical

Last year, no one could have anticipated the current state of the world today. As with previous pandemics, COVID-19 has been quite unpredictable. While pandemics are often included in business continuity or insurance planning, it’s difficult to know the who, what, when and where of the possible disruption it can bring.

Nonetheless, even with all the uncertainty in the world today, individuals and companies are stepping up to find unique ways to modify their services so that they can continue to meet the needs of their customers and continue to provide employment.

That’s what La Boit client Worksite Medical has done with mobile coronavirus symptom screening.

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Mobile Medical Clinics Can Fill Essential Gap Services During Pandemics

March 26, 2020 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Medical | No Comments |

COVID-19 is putting the world to the test. From vast nations to small families, everyone has been called upon to do their part to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many business operations have slowed to a standstill. Only a month ago, La Boit staff was at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas with thousands of attendees, shaking hands and guiding visitors through a mobile clinic. Wow, that event seems like it was so long ago now…

As we all strive to take care of each other, we at La Boit are humbled by the incredible tales of bravery and sacrifice of healthcare workers all across the world. Many are working long hours, away from their families, and with a shortage of personal protective equipment like masks and gloves. It’s the selflessness of these individuals that continues to give us hope as we face a very uncertain time.

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St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

February 25, 2020 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Client Spotlight, Spay/Neuter/Adoption | No Comments | Tags: , ,

When natural disasters strike, human beings often have to flee an area on very short notice. And if you work at a local humane society, you don’t just have to worry about your own life, but the lives of your animals too. The logistics of transporting your animals to safety can be daunting. Imagine the task of loading dozens or even hundreds of animals in the personal cars of employees and volunteers, all while they themselves may be trying to flee. Sometimes, there simply isn’t enough space or time.

That’s when organizations like St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center can step in to help. Transporting vulnerable animals to a safe location during an emergency is one of their core missions, which is exactly what happened last fall after Hurricane Dorian ravaged Grand Bahama.

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Wheeling-Ohio County’s Project HOPE Mobile Medical Clinic

January 21, 2020 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Client Spotlight, Medical | No Comments | Tags: , ,

Photo courtesy of Project HOPE

Wheeling, WV is the largest city in the West Virginian panhandle that separates Ohio and Pennsylvania. The city itself has a population around 27,000, with an additional 120,000 in the surrounding counties. Like any city, it has limited funding to provide services to its homeless citizens, from housing, health, addiction counseling, food, and other services.

According to the Housing and Urban Development’s most recent Annual Homeless Assessment Report, on any given night in the United States, approximately 568,000 people were experiencing homelessness. The “Point in Time” (PIT) count, as its called, aims to count homeless individuals in each community in order to provide statistics that local, state, and federal agencies can act upon.

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2019 Year in Review

December 16, 2019 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Bloodmobile, Command, Dental, Medical, Spay/Neuter/Adoption, Specialty Vehicles General, Veterinary | No Comments | Tags:

2019 was all about making moves for La Boit clients. A move to start a new mobile practice, a move to make an impact in the opioid crisis, or a move to launch a new mobile training initiative.

For many La Boit clients, the day they take delivery of their mobile clinic is their first experience as an owner of a specialty vehicle. While we do everything we can to train our clients on a mobile practice, they still don’t know what to fully expect until they do it. We understand that they are taking a risk. But it’s a risk that has paid off for our 2019 client spotlights…

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Shiloh Veterinary Hospital

November 25, 2019 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Client Spotlight, Veterinary | No Comments | Tags:

shiloh mobile veterinary hospital

Dr. Lynsey Rosen and Dr. Julie Anderson named their La Boit-built 26ft Mobile Veterinary Clinic after their beloved dog, Shiloh. We “believe that every animal deserves to be treated with the best possible care,” they write on their website. “Just like Shiloh.”

And they sure have done just that! Since taking delivery of their clinic in January, Shiloh Veterinary Hospital has been providing amazing mobile veterinary care to the greater Los Angeles area. The veterinarians’ hard work, along with the amazing support of their full-time vet tech, Melissa, and office manager, Breanne, hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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Spay Neuter Assistance Program of North Carolina

October 25, 2019 | La Boit Specialty Vehicles | Client Spotlight, Spay/Neuter/Adoption | No Comments | Tags:

Dr. Laureen Bartfield, President and lead veterinarian for Spay Neuter Assistance Program of North Carolina (SNAP-NC), is no stranger to La Boit Specialty Vehicles. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Bartfield’s organization has purchased five La Boit vehicles, the first in 1999 and the most recent in 2019.

Their newest truck, a 33′ Spay/Neuter truck was built on a 2019 Freightliner diesel chassis. It features dual surgery tables, lots of kennels and tons of storage.

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