Mobile Spay/Neuter & Adoption FAQ

Spay Neuter and Adoption Vehicles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Spay/Neuter & Adoption Vehicles

Spay Neuter and Adoption Vehicles FAQ InteriorQ. Do I need a special driver’s license?

No, standard drivers license is required.

Q. Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer a variety of financing options.

Q. How much will a fully equipped Spay/Neuter clinic cost?

A well equipped unit can range between $1,800 - $3,000 a month (Depending on options) on a 7 year finance plan with no money down.

Q. Approximately how many spays/neuters can be performed in a day?

Many factors come into play such as: What size unit you get, how many tables, one or two vets on staff, etc.  On the low end we hear 20-30 a day and on the high end, 80-100 a day. Again, many factors will determine how many your group will service a day.

Q. How will the local vets feel about a low cost spay/neuter clinic in their area?

You will have some resistance from local vets until they realize that you are not taking services from their facility. Most clients that take advantage of the low cost S/N clinic would never have gone to a local vet in the first place. It also will provide a sense of pride and ownership to the clients that have their pets spayed or neutered, therefore encouraging them to seek future veterinary care for their pets.

Q. What to look for in a well built mobile unit.

La Boit Specialty Vehicles are commercially built from the chassis up...the way it should be! Click to learn more about the difference between commercial build vs RV build.