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Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic Advantages

“If you can't get the public to come to you, bring your services to the public!”

A state-of-the-art Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic or Adoption Vehicle by La Boit Specialty Vehicles allows your organization to target hot spots in your area by stopping the reproduction cycle… right where the problem is coming from.

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"A lot of interest for volunteering..."

"We are using the clinic for both spaying & neutering and adoptions. We are getting a lot of interest for volunteering and even some direct donations since the introduction of our mobile operations. We believe it will decrease euthanasia in our shelters."

26' Spay & Neuter Mobile Clinic
Mendocino County SPCA - Ruth Rosenblum

"We are saving a great deal of money..."

"We are saving a great deal of money by doing surgeries of our shelter animals in house. As for our mobile adoption unit, it has helped drive more adopters to the shelter each year. It puts a friendly face on the organization."

Erie County SPCA - Barbara Carr

Mobile Spay/Neuter/Adoption
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Applying for Grants

Grants are available for Spay/Neuter purposes. Below you will find some helpful websites:

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Key Features

    Sizes: 18ft Trailer, 26ft & 33ft Drivable
    26' Built on:
    Ford E-450-Gas  (14,500 GVWR)
    33' Built on
    Freightliner M2- Diesel Chassis- (GVWR- 25,500)

Recommended Equipment

    •  Anesthesia
    •  Digital Scale
    •  Auto Clave
    •  Surgery Lighting
    •  Blood Equipment
    •  Side Awning
    •  And much more…

Existing Inventory

Check our inventory section for new and used mobile spay/neuter/adoption coaches available for immediate delivery.


adoption coach with awning