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It all started in a garage, over 40 years ago with a man and a vision

. . . Build me a solid, commercially built vehicle that can provide on-location services for my community

Gil Blais, President and Founder of La Boit Specialty Vehicles Inc., worked as a sales rep at a pharmaceutical company for many years and was continuously approached by veterinarians to create a product they desperately needed…storage for their vehicles so they could be organized when arriving at farm calls. Gil designed and constructed by hand, the first of several different products for the equine industry.

Once other veterinarians saw the product, orders began to roll in so fast; Gil quit his pharmaceutical job, enlisted the help of his young sons, and began the task of building what is now known worldwide as La Boit Specialty Vehicles Inc.

Our first Mobile Veterinary Clinic

After years of providing products to the equine industry, Gil realized small animal veterinarians needed a better means to practice as well: “Build me a solid, commercially built vehicle that could provide house call services for my community.” They spoke, Gil listened and La Boit started manufacturing mobile veterinary and spay/neuter clinics ranging from 24’ –40’ in length. The vets applauded and business grew rapidly. Someone finally was building a quality, commercially-built vehicle designed to handle the rigors of daily use, instead of converting an RV that is designed for occasional recreational purposes. Someone was finally listening.

Expanding to Mobile Medical & Dental Clinics

Gil's vision grew when dentists and medical doctors began to call and request La Boit Specialty Vehicles to build sturdy vehicles for them as well. Gil drew up the plans and the first 35’ dental clinic was the star of the Chicago Mid Winter Dental Conference. There was no turning back. Orders poured in from dentists & health departments across the country. La Boit expanded its facility & hired more employees to keep up with demand.

9/11 and Mobile Command Centers

Then 9-11 turned our country upside down. After the initial shock of our own country being defied by terrorists, calls began flooding in from law enforcement agencies around the country. Many of our veterinary and spay/neuter vehicles had been on site at Ground Zero and people took notice that these vehicles did more than what they were initially built for. They were being used for rescues, safe meeting places and on-site recovery triage stations. So Gil went back to the drawing board and La Boit built its first law enforcement command center.

Anne & Gil Blais
Anne & Gil Blais

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Every vehicle for each individual industry, is hand built from the chassis up. Attention to detail, quality and safety are our number one concern for every vehicle that pulls out of our lot. Every employee is hand-picked and must be dedicated to what we do, along with taking pride in knowing how many lives are affected by each vehicle we’ve built around the US and the world